Kerner is obtained by crossing Riesling grapes white and red berry grape Vernatsch. It was developed in 1929 at the experimental station of Weinsberg in Germany. The cool climate and the large temperature ranges between day and night on the hills of the Cembra Valley give this wine a really intense aromatic scents.
VINES: Kerner in purity
VINEYARDS: Piazzòle (Lona-Lases)
CULTIVATION: Gujot between 500 and 650 mt.a.s.l
SOIL: Porphyritic origin
FERMENTATION AND AGING: Steel at a controlled temperature, than in a bottle.
COLOUR: Pale yellow-green
FRAGRANCE: Pleasantly aromatic with complex fruity such as peach, tropical fruit and citrus fruit and floral (jasmine and white flowers).
TASTE: Strong flavor, good minerality and acidity.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent as an aperitif or with cheeses and shellfish.