The German researcher Hermann Müller in 1882 developed in the Swiss area of Thurgau a new white fruit vines combining the varieties of Riesling Renano and Madeleine Royale. In Cembra Valley this new variety, Muller Thurgau, finds its ideal habitat in the high hill areas between 500 and 800 meters. The cool climate and the large temperature ranges between day and night enhance the particular and unmistakable scent that sets it apart.

VINES: Müller Thurgau in purity
VINEYARDS: Saosènt, Riva, Rónch (Cembra)
CULTIVATION: Trentino pergola between 500 and 800 m.a.s.l
SOIL: Porphyritic origin, loose.
YIELD: 110 (disciplinary DOC 140
FERMENTATION AND AGING: Steel at a controlled temperature, than in bottle.
COLOUR: Pale yellow with greenish reflections.
FRAGRANCE: Fruity, pleasantly aromatic with hints of sage, peach and golden apple.
TASTE: Dry, fruity and fresh, slight acidulous.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent as an aperitif, it’s particularly suitable for pasta dishes with sauces based on fish, very elaborate fish dishes, mushroom soups and dishes flavored with herbs, white meat not too spicy.