Pinot Noir is the ancestor of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, and among the red wines, is considered one of the finest and the most difficult to produce. In Cembra Valley finds its ideal habitat as it prefers dry land hill and not overly rich. We age it in barriques for 10 months, than in bottle for further 6 months.
VINES: Pinot Nero in purity.
VINEYARDS: Pózza de Crós, Saosènt e Piagge (Cembra)
CULTIVATION: Gujot between 450 and 550 mt.a.s.l.
SOIL: Porphyritic origin and Clayey.
YIELD: 65 (disciplinary DOC 120
FERMENTATION AND AGING: Steel at a controlled temperature, in barrique 10 months than in bottle.
COLOUR: Light ruby red.
FRAGRANCE: Fruity, pleasantly with cherry scent.
TASTE: Dry, cool. Aging in barriques, the result is a vanilla taste that makes it softer and velvety.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Suitable to accompany dishes with pork, lamb and game.