Cultivated all around the World, only in few places Pinot Grigio can express the best of its potentiality and Trentino region is surely one of this. Pinot Grigio is the second white variety most cultivated after Chardonnay. Pinot Grigio also known by the name of Ruländer, produces very sugary grapes with copper color skin. The wine best expresses its own characteristics in youth when the finesse is supported by the elegance of the body.
VINES: Pinot Grigio in purity.
VINEYARDS: Saosènt (Cembra)
CULTIVATION: Gujot between 400 and 500 mt.a.s.l.
SOIL: Porphyritic origin
YIELD: 80 (disciplinary DOC 140
FERMENTATION AND AGING: Steel at a controlled temperature, than in bottle.
COLOUR: Pale yellow.
FRAGRANCE: Typically fruity, reminiscent of ripe pear.
TASTE: Dry, fresh, fruity and balanced structure
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Lends itself to a variety of combinations, from soups to dishes made with eggs, boiled poultry from the freshwater fish.