The Riesling is a white grape variety native to the valleys of Rhine (Germany), which was already cultivated in Roman times. It is a noble vine grapes used to produce the most valuable white wine of high quality.
VINES: Riesling of Rhine in purity
VINEYARDS: Saosènt, Caséle (Cembra)
CULTIVATION: Gujot between 600 and 700 mt.a.s.l
SOIL: clayey
YIELD: 70 q.li/ha (disciplinary DOC 140 q.li/ha)
FERMENTATION AND AGING: Steel at a controlled temperature, than in bottle for a long time.
COLOUR: Pale yellow
FRAGRANCE: Typically rich primary aromas and pleasantly fruity and delicate.
TASTE: Fruity, pleasantly sour, delicate and elegant.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Is ideal with seafood dishes, appetizers and soft cheeses.